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Inspired by real events, this comedy follows the misadventures of a group of thrill-seekers who inadvertently find themselves in the midst of a wild cat sanctuary.
Music Shop Murthy

Murthy, who has been fond of music since childhood, runs a music shop. But when the income from that shop is not much, family members urge him to close the shop. Hence Murthy tries to learn DJing to earn money.

In 2122 AD when world faces an imminent problem from a rogue nation, Indrani working for Indian Super Force (ISF) has to travel in time to past to find the solution for it. Story revolves around the emotional journey of Indrani.
Harom Hara

Harom Hara, the upcoming Sudheer Babu starrer, tells the story of an underdog from a small rural town in Andhra Pradesh who becomes a powerful person after he enters the gunmaking trade.
Kudi Haryane Val Di

A Punjabi man uninterested in wrestling falls for a Haryanvi woman passionate about the sport. He strives to embrace her love for wrestling, to win her heart.

A barber seeks vengeance after his home is burglarized, cryptically telling police his "lakshmi" has been taken, leaving them uncertain if it's a person or object. His quest to recover the elusive "lakshmi" unfolds.
Chandu Champion

A man who faced one adversary after another with an undying spirit. His unwavering zeal and never give up attitude led to India's first individual gold medal in any form of the Olympics.

Based on a famous Bangladeshi ballad-opera, where portraits the backstory of a lady conqueror.
Pujar Sarki

Three individuals unite against societal norms perpetuating caste discrimination, facing challenges in their collective struggle to defy the existing caste-based social order.

A veteran freedom fighter enraged with the rising crime and corruption in the society murders all the wrong doers one by one using an ancient martial arts technique.