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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
01/29/1597 Maharana Pratap Singh of Udaipur, great freedom fighter, soldier and revolutionary, passed away. His son Amar Singh succeeded him.
01/29/1780 Hicky's Bengal Gazette, the first news paper in India, was published in English in Calcutta .
01/29/1781 First Newspaper, J.A.Hickey's Bengal Gazette - January 29, 1781.
01/29/1853 Madhusudan Rao, modern writer in Oria language, was born.
01/29/1870 'Hicleche Bengal Gazette' newspaper published in India.
01/29/1896 Swami Paranabananda Brahamachari, founder of `Bharat Sevashram Sangha', was born in Bajitpur village of Faridpur district. He took 'sanyas' in 1924.
01/29/1912 Judge A.N. Ray, Chief Justice and Supreme Court of India, was born.
01/29/1931 Gandhiji sails for England as Congress delegate to Second Round Table Conference. This conference was attended by Madan Mohan Malaviya and Sarojini Naidu.
01/29/1939 Radical Subhas Chandra Rose beats Gandhi's candidature to become Indian President.
01/29/1939 Ramkrishna Mission Sanskritik Sansthan (Institute of Culture) was established.
01/29/1948 Angry refugees ask Gandhiji to retire to the Himalayas.
01/29/1953 Indian National Academy of Dance, Drama and Music inaugurated.
01/29/1953 Dattatreya Balkrishna Kalelkar ""Kaka Saheb"" was appointed as the Chairman of the Backward Classes Commission.
01/29/1955 'Bhartiya Kamgar Kisan Party' established.
01/29/1968 Laxmidas Purshottamdas Jai, one Test for India, died.
01/29/1975 West Indies won the fifth test against India after winning the exciting cricket series 3-2.
01/29/1976 Parliamenentary Committee on official language constituted. The Committee has since then submitted six parts of its report and Presidential orders have been issued on first five parts of it. The sixth part is in print.
01/29/1976 Parliament approves permanent government and censorship of newspapers at New Delhi.
01/29/1977 Judge Mirza Hameedullah Beg became the Chief Justice of India. He helded this office till 21/02/1978.
01/29/1979 Tamil Nadu Expess, India's first Jumbo passenger train, was flagged off from New Delhi Railway Station for Madras.
01/29/1983 Indira Gandhi names 12 new ministers as Cabinet resigns.
01/29/1983 Piloo Mody, veteran Parliament member and senior leader of Janata Party, passed away.
01/29/1992 India and Israel decide to establish full diplomatic relations.
01/29/1993 Test debut of Vinod Kambli, prolific Indian batsman.
01/29/1994 Air India and Indian Airlines converted into companies.
01/29/1996 S.R. Bommai was replaced by Laloo Prasad Yadav as Janata Dal president.
01/29/1997 Olympic Hockey captain Pargat Singh announces retirement.
01/29/1997 Supreme Court rules that water is a 'mineral'.
01/29/1997 Fire engulfs most of the three top floors of the Express Towers, skyrise building owned by Indian Express group in Mumbai.
01/29/1998 Suicide by more than 50 farmers reported in the Telangana region in the past few days.
01/29/1999 Alok Kumar of Punjab defeated Devendra Joshi of Maharashtra at the IIT complex at New Delhi.


Other Historical Dates and Events
05/01/1994Political party Shiromani Akali Dal was established.
08/10/1758Marathas won the Atak.
10/24/1994Justice Ahmad Mushabber Ahmadi sworn in as Chief Justice of India.
01/08/1927The first scheduled London-Delhi flight arrives after 63 hrs. Air Minister Sir Samuel Hoare is on board.
12/10/1886Rameshwari Nehru, social worker and freedom fighter, was born at Lahore.
03/27/1878Britishers sent Indian soldiers to Malta considering that the Russian would attack.
10/28/1999Insurance Bill is introduced amid protest in the Lok Sabha.
08/09/1965Pakistan chose to persist while the Indian Army Corps on the ceasefire line got down to neutralizing the Gibraltar Force. As a first step, main infiltration routes were blocked and Pakistan was forced out of the Haji Fir bulge (known to them as Bedori).
03/12/1992The four-member break-away group of Telugu Desam recognised by Lok Sabha speaker.
02/17/1618First English Ambassador Sir Thomas Roe returned to England after meeting Emperor Jahangir in his court.