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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
4/17/1983 Rohini (RS-D2), placed in orbit, was used for conducting some remote sensing technology studies using a landmark sensor payload. Launched by the second developmental launch of SLV-3.
4/17/1990 Gas explodes on passenger train in Kumrahar, India killing 80 people.
4/17/1990 Acharya Surdasji, famous poet in Hindi and great devotee of Lord Krishna, was born.
4/17/1675 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj attacked the Fonda fort and won Karwar.
4/17/1799 Srirangapatnam was surrounded by British Army in the fourth and last Mysore war which began in 1798. Tipu Sultan' was killed in the battle on 4th May. The East India Company announced the Seringapatanam Medal (1799).
4/17/1904 Naoomal Jeoomal Makhija, cricketer, pioneer Indian Test opening batsman, Right Arm Bowler and played 3 matches, was born at Karachi.
4/17/1917 V.Sp. Manickam, famous Hndi writer, was born at Melasivapuri (Pudukkottai).
4/17/1923 Lindsay Anderson, director (Thursday's Children), was born in Bangalore, India.
4/17/1926 Chandrashekhar, eighth Prime Minister of India, was born.
4/17/1941 Office of Price Administration was formed which handled the rationing of essential commodities.
4/17/1945 Gandhiji, in a statement regarding the ensuing San Francisco Conference, says that 'peace is impossible without equality and freedom of India'. Also demands a just peace for Germany and Japan.
4/17/1946 Shri Valangaiman Sankaranarayana Srinivasa Shastri, greatest social reformer, freedom fighter, educationist, politician, master, scholar of Sanskrit and President of India, passed away.
4/17/1946 Bellary Raghava, famous actor, social worker, lawyer and dramatist, passed away.
4/17/1952 First Lok Sabha was formed. Ananthasaynam Ayyangar, was elected as the first Deputy speaker of Lok Sabha (1952).
4/17/1975 Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, India's second president, died at Madras.
4/17/1977 Swatantra Party was merged in Janata Party.
4/17/1990 Dinkar Gangadhar Kelkar, famous Director of Raja Kelkar Museum, passed away.
4/17/1996 Sheila Kaul, H.P. Governor, indicted in house allotment scandal, should be removed from her post, says Supreme Court.
4/17/1996 Indian Railways bars AIDS patients from using trains.
4/17/1997 Biju Patnaik, 81, Janata Dal leader and important personality in Orissa politics, died.
4/17/1998 BJP Prof. Chaman Lal Gupta retains his Lok Sabha seat in the Udhampur-Doda-Kathna constituency defeating National Conference's Rajinder Kumar Chib by over 50,000 votes.
4/17/1999 The Vajpayee Government resigns after it loses the confidence vote in the Lok Sabha by one vote - 269 to 270.


Other Historical Dates and Events
12/4/1910Ramaswami Venkataraman, former President of India (1987-92), was born.
12/28/1930Police are stoned by demonstrators as they attempt to prevent an illegal flag-salutation ceremony at Bombay.
1/1/1950Inauguration of National Chemical Laboratory at Mumbai.
1/15/1988Kiran More stumps five West Indian batsman at Chidambaram Stadium in Madras thus creating a world Test record.
1/15/1988Akbar won the war near Ahmedabad and captured Gujrat.
11/25/1890Radheshyam, famous stage, film actor and director, was born.
11/13/1922Mahadev Sadashivrao Ande, freedom fighter and political leader, was born.
8/25/1998Resurgent India Bonds garner more than 4 billion dollars of which 30\% are from the Middle East, 20\% each from South east Asia, US and Europe.
2/23/1908Maharaj Kumar Raghubir Sinh, famous Hindi writer and historian, was born.
2/28/1835Medical College was started in Calcutta and it was officially opened on Feb 20.