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Grammy-winning Jon Batiste drops new anthem to open 'Coke Studio' Season 2


Author : Indo Asian News Service

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Mumbai, June 1 (IANS) The new track, titled 'Be Who You Are (Real Magic)' is written and performed by Grammy-award-winning American songwriter and musician, Jon Batiste, and features artists NewJeans, J.I.D, Camilo and Cat Burns for the second season of 'Coke Studio'.

As a platform that celebrates borderless collaboration, Coke Studio has brought together Verve Records/Interscope/UMG signed artist Jon Batiste and over 16 of the biggest breakthrough music artists of the moment from the US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Colombia, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, China, Korea and the Philippines.

The artistes include representation from India with Diljit Dosanjh and Shreya Ghoshal as part of the collective.

These artists have created 9 brand new multi-artist collision songs and exclusive Coke Studio sessions from each artist, which will be released to global music fans on all music platforms in June and July.

The 'Be Who You Are (Real Magic)' anthem and music video, being released today, is a celebration of the power of staying true to yourself.

It reflects on the idea that it is when people are their authentic selves and accept each other's differences, the 'Real Magic' happens.

Penned by Jon Batiste, the song finds him collaborating with the global breakout group NewJeans, pushing the boundaries of K-Pop; Latin Grammy-Award winning pop artist from Colombia, Camilo, British, BRIT Award and Ivor Novello-nominated, chart-topping singer songwriter Cat Burns and Atlanta-born eclectic rapper J.I.D.

Jon Batiste said: "I am proud to partner with Coke to share a message of encouragement and humanity with the world through my music. The Coke Studio platform does great at harnessing their global reach to bring artists of different cultures together in celebration of our cultural differences and the ultimate oneness of us all."

Batiste added: "This is such a non-traditional, innovative approach we've taken, and it felt very organic for me to just do my World Music Radio thing. When I wrote 'Be Who You Are (Real Magic)' I was inspired to create an anthem that captures the Real Magic that happens when we come together as our authentic selves. The anthem features new friends of mine from all around the world, these phenomenally special artists NewJeans, Camilo, J.I.D and Cat Burns."

"We really had a lot of fun and I hope people everywhere feel the vibe."

Pratik Thakar, Head of Global Strategy & Creative, Coca-Cola says: "'Real Magic' is all about celebrating what happens when different people come together as their authentic selves."

"True collaboration between artists from different cultures, genres and backgrounds, what we are calling creative 'Collisions', are at the heart of our COKE STUDIO platform."

"Our goal for this programme is to always be music-driven and fan-first by bringing unique music and music experiences to the forefront," added Joshua Burke, Global Head of Music and Culture Marketing, Coca-Cola.



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