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Husband being a Womaniser


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Topic : Husband being a Womaniser

neo p.
Member of
City: sanantonio
hi all I am here to share my problem and get myself relieved. My husband s a womanizer, I was in San Antonio just for 3 months after in SA. he use to live with his girlfriend in a different apartment. He purposefully messed up my Visa with out initiating properly, since I questioned him about his affairs and living with his girl friend in a different apartment. and that girl she is a Tamilian, she atleast being a girl doesnt have heart, she never allows him to stay at home, we are telugites. he straight away tells me tht I am his wife for society sake and he cant change his life style, the count of his Girl friends I know is 6 of them, and I have all the dirty pics and the lease agreements as proofs, so he his mom sis and dad planned properly and sent me a divorce notice saying how dare I question him about his affairs. and they are holding all my docs, certificates my gold, clothes everything, they are not returning, now I am not evn in a situation to get a job also. atleast I cudnt make friends also there, I was always warned not to exchange contacts or talk to them. now they have started telling everyone tht, I have boy friends and I am not interested in married life and so I am unnecessarily throwing blame on him, they talk this shit though I have all proofs. the entire family is like that, his sister also the same, she married a citizen and left him after getting the green card, and tells everyone that her husband is a Gay and so she left and she is not married and she is 38 and she has hell lot of boy friends. and their parents completely encourage that life style. now he sent me a divorce notice with out any discussion with me, and he said to his lawyer that that girl is not understanding my American life style and so I dont need her, get us divorced.. I am not understanding how to react. but in and around San Antonio for friends he is the best guy, so much he acts, I am not sure though those friends knows about him, probably they are ignoring. I am really upset

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Aj M.
Member of
City: Mclean
I believe you have suffered enough and your focus should be on yourself, use all that's happens to you to fuel your growth. With regards to your visa (and if really in a bad state) if I was you I would drop tweet to Shusma Swaraj and ask for assistance.Remember you would face a lot of heat for doing something unconventional, but we are in a day and age of equality and such barbarian acts should be brought to light. While am typing this I realise that I am just easily typing this, but please remember there has been many women who have stood strong and done it.DO NOT PITY YOUR SELF AND DO NOT GO IN THE MODE OF WHY ITS HAPPENING TO YOU AND WHAT YOU DID TO DESERVE THIS. the world is not filled with all good and awesome things, we have evil that exists as well.Best way to deal with evil is do not even waste your thought on it.If you have support in india who will not be the typical soap opera type who would blame the lady for who they are and will actually support you, I would go to them if I was you.But if you think that them getting involved would just make matters worse either they adding pitty and adding stress, do not take that move.I am not sure if this message is adding help to your situation, but something in my heart told me to write it as I believe shouldn't think twice when the intent is goodStay strong you have taken the first step so don't look back '

anushka m.
Member of
I commend you Raj, for such a transparent, thoughtful and supportive response. I am equally impressed that you shared your contact info so freely. I worked, for decades, with several projects on empowering women (though I believe that empowerment isa broader issue and not just limited to a particular gender) and offering supportive therapy. But after moving to suchlitigious culture in the U.S I have become more sedentary. Once again, accept my sincere feedback and gratitude.

Al H.
Member of
City: Los Angeles, California
Hi I am sorry to hear that, it seem you are a real indian woman with Moral values, with your husband, he lacks those and u know pigs wont change, no matter how well u clean them.The best way is to leave him I have confident u wil do that and also get some free legal help or advice from women groups. dont go to an attorney unless you have good money, because attorneys will drain your money. you must stand up for your rights. make sure no one abuses you and take advantage.please feel free if you want to discuss.regardsRajuall the best and good luck

Vijay P.
Member of
City: Atlanta
You need to contact County Social Services or police or womens helpline or States Attorneys office. Do not try to do anything yourself - you need professional advice and help. You posted in early May and I hope by now you have found some way out of this dilemma.

Hunkz M.
Member of
City: Bellevue
I feel very sorry for what you are going through. I think you need not take all this bs, you are not worth suffering. I bet no matter what you do your husband wouldnt change. All i can suggest is divorce him. Lead your independent life and be happy. You will eventually find someone who is understanding and can take care of you the way you are. Good luck .

vilas a.
Member of
City: hillsboro
By reading this post I felt very bad and also I realize that you are a brave woman, you can fight back.. I suggest, seek for good lawyer with all your evidence to prove him guilty.

suresh n.
Member of
City: bellevue
if you have the pictures and lease agreements just go to any Indian associations or Telugu association to seek help. Im sure they will help you.

Shweta Verleker .
Member of
Hi there, i just read ur post on this site and I can say only one thing no man has the right to treat a woman badly. You deserve a much better life. You can sue him for mental torture. Get good professional help and get him out of ur life and start fresh. All the best.

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