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Running marathon boosts immunity: Study
Skull surgery performed on Stone Age cow: Study
Treat sunburn, improve gastro immune system with yogurt
Nations must ensure vaccines reach 90% population: WHO
Sharif wife's chemotherapy treatment ends in UK
Promising 'male pill' compound identified
Adolescents' eyes could signal risk of cardiovascular disease
AI real winner at Microsoft's India talent hunt competition
Lack of Vitamin D may up diabetes risk by 5 times
Indians consume far too less calcium than required
Chip-based blood test could replace painful bone biopsy
Dog gut bacteria more similar to humans than previously thought
Switch to stevia for a sweet, healthy lifestyle
Lance Armstrong settles $100m US lawsuit for $5m
Kale, beetroot: Nutritious ingredients for healthy food
'India absent from Malaria Summit in London'
'India absent from Malaria Summit in London'
Parrikar to return in May third week: BJP leader
AMU sets world record with laparoscopic surgery on infant
Human brain grown in rodents to boost treatments for neurological disorders
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