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Please note Heart of The Beloved: Sound & Story Experience occurred in past.


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Heart of The Beloved: Sound & Story Experience

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Heart of The Beloved: Sound & Story Experience by Expressing Oneness in Kansas City

Event Type: Entertainment Event

Admission : $30 for Individuals

$50 for partners

Heart of The Beloved: Sound & Story Experience

You're invited to participate in an immersive live experience of story and sound to bring you in touch with your essential self and the presence of the Beloved.

Providing techniques that instigate a deeper revelation of your soul's song and empowers your choice to assist in the evolution of our story.

Arrival 7 pm
Event 7:30-9:30 pm

As a human being, at the molecular level we are a complex matrix of energy. As we travel through life, our thoughts, emotions, and experience manifest in our body, and colors our experience of life.
We are essentially always whole and complete, yet due to emotional resistance or disruptions in our field we may experience ourselves as broken, damaged, not enough, or in general dis-connected.

Is dis-connection or resistance present in your life?
This may manifest as:
-pain in the body,
-a foggy mind,
-a feeling of disconnect or loneliness,
-feelings of not enough or insufficiency
-the great paradox: fear to try new things yet secretly hungry for the mysteries
-a constant frustration of feeling bombarded with a prism of societal stigmas and expectations that you're just so ready to break out of

What if these were signs pointing to a greater awareness from within ready to emerge?

Jason and Hannah utilize sound and story to assist in supporting you to unfold the layers of your inner union with our cosmic purpose by accessing the divine heart within.

They invite you into a conversation designed to integrate the wounded places of our body, mind, soul and spirit in to self-authorship and an experience of wholeness.

Jason & Hannah welcome you across the threshold as we collaborate together in co-creating the world we choose to live in.


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Event Information: Heart of The Beloved: Sound & Story Experience by Expressing Oneness

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